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Injured 🤕 

Everyone will agree that being injured sucks balls, not being able to do what you do whether it’s in sport, martial arts, work or even just walking can turn you insane!
The past 7 or 8 weeks has been a nightmare for me.

It started when a group visited my instructor down in Newcastle 8 weeks ago where I dislocated and fractured one of my toes no ones apart from my own as I usual tape my toes up to prevent this happening, ,pretty painful and I’m still getting bother from it. Soon after that I was rolling… I can’t remember who with or if it was in Perth or in Dundee but my knee popped and resulted I pulled my MCL. Both injuries on the left hand side.

Fast forward a few weeks to yesterday when I was teaching kids Jiu Jitsu class, I started with our normal warm up of animal impersonations, got to the second move which was gorilla walk to the top of the mats and run back down to the bottom, as I started to run down my calf on my right hand side decided it wasn’t playing anymore! Pulled calf muscle for Granty.

After the kids class I had the honour of hosting a seminar with my instructor(I’ll go into this in more detail another time), before the seminar one of the students was getting a private lesson and I was the guinea pig which resulted in my right elbow popping and cracking as a result I can’t bend or fully extend my arm.

Last injury of the day came during the seminar. Again I was the guinea pig and the subject was footlocks. My instructor Speedy applied an Achilles hold which was fine but as he was explaining what to do my ankle made a nice loud pop! He gave me the look and held on to my foot which seemed as if he let go my foot would just fall right off… it didn’t and didn’t seem to hurt but I can’t tell because everything else hurts so much!! 

As a result of yesterday’s endeavours I shall be resting up and taking the rest of the week off with plenty of physio therapy  appointments.
Love and respect




I’ve had my fair share of injuries since I started jiu jitsu in 2010.

The most serious injury being a strain on my MCL of my left knee which took 6 months to recover from. I’ve had many other injuries along the way with a popped floating rib, my reoccurring bad back where I have 2 bulging discs at L4/L5 and sciatica, a shoulder injury(rotator cuff) that I still get problems with and tendonitis in my right elbow where I received a cortisone injection early last year to try and help… it has now wore off and now back to its annoying self again… maybe resting it would help but I love jiu jitsu to much to miss a few classes for a silly thing like that!!

Now my latest not injury but more of a set back is that I am going in for a minor operation on Monday which would only be a couple of days of rest BUT 3 days before I go under the knife I come down with viral flu and a fucken chest infection!!!

Now a man having a common cold can be fatal in some cases as we all know but multiply this by a gazillion and this is how I feel! I’ve even had to trim my beard as all this snot, mucus and drool is just not a pretty sight.

I would much rather have a proper injury rather than this mess 😦

Love & respect