The Day of Reckoning.

I haven’t written anything in yonks so I thought I’d give it a bash so here goes.

Back in July I started teaching in a place called Granite Strength & Fitness and it’s been going great. I have a handful of regulars that are there week in week out, these guys are Adam Lusby, David Murdoch, Kev Brown, Gary Armstrong, Sean Reilly, Sean Middleton and Yuri Rosenberger. There are a few other dudes that come and train from Dundee and surrounding areas when they can, mainly Danny ‘Dangle’ McArdle and Tony McCabe and a few others.
On Saturday it’s our biannual interclub competition and grading day. 6 minute rounds(10 minutes in the final) submission only. I love this day, it’s a great time to catch up with our Origin Jiu Jitsu family, have a laugh and get hot and sweaty rolling around the mats but this one for me is extra special as I get to see my students in action. Not all of them are competing but for those who are whether it’s win, lose or draw I’m really proud of how far they have all came from my first class and hopefully my teaching will do them justice on the day.

I’ll post again over the weekend and let you all know how they got on.

Love and respect.



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