The Boy

About 5 maybe 6 weeks ago I bought my youngest son Flynn a gi for his 10th birthday, he’s been on at me for ages to learn Jiu Jitsu so now is the time.

Since start Flynn has taken to it like a duck to water. He’s learnt most of the Gracie games which I think is a great way to keep kids interested and most importantly having fun.Flynn is very tenacious especially when doing ‘crazy horse’ or taking the back with hooks and seatbelt control looking for the finish. His side control is also very good. His enthusiasm out of the gym is top notch also, always asking questions… 

“what’s that choke called again?”

“Rear naked choke?”

“No the other name!”

“Mata Leon?”

“Aye that’s it… the lion killer!”

So it was with great pleasure to give him his first stripe tonight. Couldn’t be more proud of him.

Long may his commitment and enthusiasm reign.

Love and respect.



Glaring Holes

After my last trip to the Shed and training with Speedy, Dom & Tyrone I was left with the clear message that I give too much space. Now this isn’t just me but a Dundee thing as Speedy has mentioned the same thing to Paul and Barry.

Now I’ve been working hard to rectify this as my students in Perth will vouch for. I’ve been crushing them with positional work for weeks but after watching my match with Phil from The past weekend I noticed I’m still leaving too much space. I need to tighten up even more.

Not sure how I’m going to achieve this but this is my personal goal for the foreseeable future. 

I’m planning on another trip down to Speedy’s to work on this as soon as possible and maybe in 6 months I’ll see a vest improvement.
Love and respect


Newcastle -9/11/16

That’s right Newcastle again for our biannual grading day and what a day it was.

For me this one was special… 

As you know I started teaching in the neighbouring city of Perth in July. Most of my students are brand new to Jiu Jitsu so this was not just a test of their skills but a test of my teaching.

The usual rules apply at the grading, we have an interclub competition between Speedy’s Newcastle mob, Dom’s Darlington crew and us Dundee/Perth lot, 6 minute rounds with 10minutes in the final, no points, no advantages just good old fashion submission only.

It was an early start(5am alarm call) but we had a good crowd of us going down with Gary, Kev, Danny, Tony, Ronnie, Adam, Sean, myself, Barry and Euan. A mixture of purple, blue and white belts.

We arrived around 10:15am and we didn’t have long before proceedings got started. White belts, through to blue belts and finally purple. First up was a young dude from Dom’s lot called ‘Twiglet’ with Danny and Kev in round robin. Both Danny and Kev beat Twiglet by submission but in between these matches  Danny and Kev had to fight. These guys spar all the time in class and usually it’s pretty much 50/50 but this time Kev prevailed winning the match by armbar. 

Next group had Gary, Sean, Tony and Ronnie in it. Gary and Sean were the lightest in the category and have only been training for a few months but did great, ok they never won a match but that doesn’t matter as they did their best, going for proper technique in their escapes instead of powering out of them. Tony and Ronnie were awesome both winning their first match most memorably was Tony winning by knee pressure from knee on stomach position. Unfortunately Tony and Ronnie met in the second round but it was a great match up with Ronnie being the victor. In the final Ronnie met one of Dom’s very good white belts. This match went on for 10 minutes with lots of close submission, at one point Ronnie had his lip badly burst and the match had to stop briefly but not winner. Extra time ensued with Ronnie narrowly losing but what was the match of the day.

Adam was up next. Adam was missed from his category for some reason so he was put in the weight class above. I can’t remember much about his matches apart from the classic Adam take down on two of his oppents and that he won his category.

Blue belt time and Euan was up. This was the first time the big guy had competed without being injured… ok he was recovering from a cold but no knee problems and he had been training like a man possessed for this, gi, no gi, wrestling & weights and he was looking great for it and won convincingly against Piotr with an arm triangle.

Now there was a bit of confusion with the purple belts. Baz was supposed to face Alex but Alex couldn’t make it so he was then put in a round robin with Phil and I. A few minutes later it was all change again and Barry was facing Muigel a big blue belt but a purple belt in the 10th planet system. Barry was a tad anxious with all the change but he got stuck in. Muigel attacked from all angles with an armbar that look heinous but Barry turned his thumb and was in no pain whatsoever and then again with a key lock but again survived until he got caught in what looked like a very tight inverted triangle.

My turn.

Phil and I… the auld enemy!

We’ve competed twice before as blue belts with Phil winning one with Ezequiel choke and myself winning the other by kimura so this was all to play for. The match started with me going for the single leg takedown but Phil soon put a stop to that so I flopped on my arse instead(classic Grant as Adam would say) and played my guard game. Tried a few chokes and failed but then nailed a nice scissor sweep to get top control, struggled to get past Phil’s guard, from out of no where he went for that damn Ezekiel again but failed and I eventually passed and got to dorsal fin, wrapped his arm up and went for the choke to no avail. Some how I got to dorsal fin again and wrapped the his arm this time Phil rolled and I rolled with him and we landed in the armbar position, Phil more worried about the choke forgot to protect his arm and I took advantage and got the tap.

Once all the matches had finished it was grading time.

I’m pleased to say that all my Perth guys got their very first stripe. Gary, Sean and Kev did themselves proud. 

Tony and Danny had been graded in Dundee not long before so never received anything on the day.

Adam and Ronnie received they’re blue belts. Long overdue for Adam and very justified for Ronnie.

Euan received his 4th stripe on his blue.then Speedy surprised us by give Euan his purple belt. Couldn’t be happier for the big guy, as I said before he’s been working like a Trojan for this and was thoroughly deserved it.

Barry and I both received our 3rd stripe on our purple belts.

All in all Saturday was a great day, catching up with old friends and making new, the bus travelling there and back, even the shite food couldn’t dampen our spirits. I’m lucky to be part of such a great team with amazing team mates.

I personally can’t wait for the next one in May.
Love and respect


The Day of Reckoning.

I haven’t written anything in yonks so I thought I’d give it a bash so here goes.

Back in July I started teaching in a place called Granite Strength & Fitness and it’s been going great. I have a handful of regulars that are there week in week out, these guys are Adam Lusby, David Murdoch, Kev Brown, Gary Armstrong, Sean Reilly, Sean Middleton and Yuri Rosenberger. There are a few other dudes that come and train from Dundee and surrounding areas when they can, mainly Danny ‘Dangle’ McArdle and Tony McCabe and a few others.
On Saturday it’s our biannual interclub competition and grading day. 6 minute rounds(10 minutes in the final) submission only. I love this day, it’s a great time to catch up with our Origin Jiu Jitsu family, have a laugh and get hot and sweaty rolling around the mats but this one for me is extra special as I get to see my students in action. Not all of them are competing but for those who are whether it’s win, lose or draw I’m really proud of how far they have all came from my first class and hopefully my teaching will do them justice on the day.

I’ll post again over the weekend and let you all know how they got on.

Love and respect.