Comfortably UncomfortableĀ 

 This weekend my wife and I had the pleasure of going to London to see the sights and spend some quality time with my senior Jiu Jitsu instructor Marc Walder, his lovely wife Jacqueline and not to forget little Emily. 

As you could expect being in London for the first time we did all the toursty things, on Friday we visited the natural history museum 

The Tower of London and tower bridge. 

On Saturday we did the stadium and museum tour of Arsenal FC, totally geeking out feeling like a little kid and taking over 100 pictures. 


On Sunday it was a more relaxed day chilling out in the garden in the afternoon but in the morning it was Jiu Jitsu time!

At Christmas I bought my wife a gi and when you’re staying at a 3rd degree black belts house it would be stupid not to take advantage so we headed off to the gym and Sharon received for first ever Jiu Jitsu lesson. There were no De La Riva, no 50/50 and certainly no berimbolos, it was good old fashioned self defence!

It started off with Marc talking to Sharon about special awareness especially personal space and being assertive in the way she talks and don’t put yourself in situations where things can happen… Your friend keeps getting in fights when at the pub, then don’t go out with that friend.  You got mugged in the dark alley, don’t go into dark alleys! Simple right?After the talk Sharon learnt about base, how to stand in base, how to get up from a seated position into base and how to react  and change your stance to base when someone grabs you and tries to dominate you. This was my excuse to push the wife about or at least try but she pick up on this quickly and has a really strong base.

We also went over defences against a single handed wrist grab, a double handed wrist grab and escaping being mounted.

I’m not gonna go into the details of the escapes otherwise this would go on forever but I’ll post a couple of pictures at the end.

The last thing we went over was a double handed throat grab from the front. Sharon hated this, made her feel really uneasy, doesn’t like any thing around her neck! This is when Marc started to talk about getting Comfortably Uncomfortable, being in a horrible place but being ok with the situation. How do you do this? Easy practise, keep doing it over and over. This isn’t gonna be easy and I’m not just talking about my wife but for anyone in the same situation that hates doing something. For Sharon it’ll be a case of practising with me until she feels comfortable enough to try it with a close friend, then someone not so close and someone you don’t know but from the class until eventually when a complete stranger does it you have no fear! This is the only way to feel Comfortably Uncomfortable.

 Here the pictures I promised earlier.  
Marc and Jacqueline were the perfect hosts this weekend and we can’t thank them enough for putting us up in their lovely home for three days. 

If you stay in London or just visiting and you love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu then you have to find Marc and take a class with him. His holistic approach and philosophy will keep you thinking for days afterwards!

As always…

Love and respect.