Return of the Pollock

Last nights class was a doozie!(yeah that’s right I’m down with the kids). A very busy class with lots of fresh white belts and one or two of the old guard.

Billy did more on taking the back and sinking in the RNC but he also added in body triangles, these suck, it’s bad enough someone taking your back and trying to choke you unconscious without adding this hainous manoeuvre but he also taught escaping body triangles which was a godsend. Once we were done struggle with this we sparred!

Now as the title suggests there was a guest appearance from Neil Pollock… 

Some say that Neil died, others say he caught his foot in a bear trap and had to gnaw off his leg just below the knee but the truth is he’s just recovering from knee surgery of the ligament kind and has a new job in Edinburgh.

I’ll tell you his name might be Pollock but I was the one floundering like a fish out of water!(yes I did a fish joke and I’m not ashamed!) 

Neil has a very strong controlling top game with an arm lock sequence that is top notch, needless to say I defended for the full spar not able to attack, not even once, four minutes felt like 30, at one point Neil had a choke sunk in but due to his lack of gi training his grip strength has all but gone and that was the only thing that saved me! 

I was crushed and broken, not just from Neil but from two sparring sessions with Frankie who’s like a mini Hulk but less green and stronger. Once he grabs you, you stay grabbed!! 

Thanks for the tough sparring sessions guys.

It great to see Neil back on the Dundee MMA mats and hopefully see him again before he moves to the Capital. 

As always…

Love and respect