Getting In The Groove

As you lot know I started back training last week and again I was at Jiu Jitsu last night. The class was top notch, working sweeps from half guard, Z guard and also the knee cutter pass from top position. We drilled this for a while with resistance from our training partner before swapping with another person to feel their pressure and movement. After this we rolled and It felt like I got flattened and destroyed but hey we all have off days.

Today is a new day and even though I had a case of the DOMS I went and seen my friend Joseph McNamara for a much needed catch up, a work out and most of all the banter. Joe as always put me through my paces, today we worked on our back with lots f deadlifts, bent over rows and lat pull downs. I found it really tough, especially the TRX workout at the end. I felt weak, probably because of the couple of months off or maybe recovering from being ill but I gave it my best and came away feeling confident of regaining the strength I had before.

Tomorrow it’s more Jiu Jitsu. Till then…

Love and Respect.