Sweep or Submit

  Tonight’s class was much the same as Monday, we rolled to warm our bones. We did this for roughly 30 minutes before one of the new guys was struggle to pass closed guard then we broke down a simple guard pass for another 30 minutes before finishing with one of my favourite drills… Sweep or Submit!

For those that don’t know this drill it’s pretty simple. 4 guys on their backs with someone in their closed guard, the rest of the class lines up. The guy in guard has to pass, the guy on his back has to sweep or submit. It doesn’t matter who wins as the guy on top swaps place and goes on his back and the guy on his back joins the line and waits for another turn.

Tonight was awesome! I got swept a couple of times but  that’s all part of the game so who cares!

I did get to try out my other new gi, Tatami Estilo 5.0 white and camo.

This gi is fantastic, probably the best Tatami gi I’ve had and this is my 6th! If you’re after a new gi then I’d highly recommend this one!!
Love and respect



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