I’m Back

So tonight was my first night back training in 9 weeks! There were various reasons why I wasn’t training… I got tattoo’d at the start of December. 

 The club closed for 2 weeks over the festive period and I hope all of you had happy holidays. I then fell victim to a nasty throat infection that floored me for a good couple of weeks but tonight I was back and I decided to test run one of my new gi’s that I got for Christmas and I must say it was fantastic. Not too heavy, rash guard lining across the shoulders so no nasty gi burn and a perfect fit. 


Tonight’s class coached by Billy was mostly rolling. I had a goal in sight for every roll that I had and managed to do so  on most of my sparring partners which was awesome. I didn’t tap many people but I’m not concerned about that but more that I worked what I wanted to and it paid off.

Can’t wait till next class to test my other new gi.

Until next time…
Love and Respect


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