Be Like Water

Nearly everyone of a certain age when asked why they got into martial arts they say it’s because of one man. That man being Bruce Lee. 

 I was no different. As a youngster I grew up on old martial arts movies starring the likes of Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Jet Li and of course Bruce Lee.

Starting my martial arts journey at the age of 12(I’ve most likely went over this before) with Tenshinkan Karate then progressing to kickboxing at the age of 14, fast forward to 2010, almost 20 years after trying various other martial arts along the way and I found myself in a car travelling up to Inverness to a MMA seminar by some guy I’d never heard of before called Dave ‘Speedy’ Elliott, all I knew was he was Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and a veteran at MMA.

Speedy vs Bobby McVitie

When the seminar started Speedy’s now wife Ritu took the warm up with a thing she calls Monster Walks! To this day I haven’t forgiven her for this most hainous of crimes against my quads but I can see later when she picked this warm up as Speedy taught some knee bars, toe hold and a rolling toe hold. Thankfully my legs and ankles were warmed up properly.

This seminar blew my mind! 

So it was decided there and then I wanted to learn Jiu Jitsu and went and bought a gi. All set and ready to learn myself and Billy Beckers(who was a blue belt at the time) started training every Sunday for a few hours. After a couple of months Barry Lewis bought a gi and joined in and it went from strength to strength and now 5 years later I’m a purple belt under Speedy and the Origin Jiu Jitsu Team. 

So what’s this gotta do with the famous Bruce Lee quote?

I was staying over at the Elliott household after the bimonthly Interclub and the morning after Speedy invited me into his gym for a roll and like I’d miss an opportunity to roll with a 2nd degree black belt I jumped at the chance.

For the next hour Speedy put me in all kinds of positions, crushing, stretching, choking, smothering but pointing out tips along the way. He has a crushing pressure game but also flows like water(see it all makes sense now), flowing or crashing when he wants to be in the blink of an eye. 

Since that sparring session 2 days ago I’ve had this quote running around in my head which describes Dave ‘Speedy’ Elliott perfectly!


As I have been pondering over this my goal is to also Be Like Water my friends.
Here is a little interview from Speedy himself and also him doing and exhibition match Speedy vs Marc Walder

As always… Love and Respect


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