Team Origin Interclub

 On Saturday 7th of November the northern brethren of The Origin Jiu Jitsu team held there biannual interclub. There were representatives from far and wide including Darlington, Fife, Dundee and the 2 Newcastle clubs.

9 of us travelled the three and a half hours from Dundee to Newcastle to test our skills , they were Aaron, Ronnie, Paul C, Andrew(now Andrew is the absolute spit of JFK hence this being his new nickname), Scott E, Lewis, Euan, Baz and I.

For us the day started at 8am arriving around 11:30am, the usual stuff happened for the next 20 minutes of shaking hands, hugging and spewing love for our friends that we haven’t seen in an age.

Down to business!

I was asked to timekeep so I had a close up view of those matches and there was a few crackers!

Ronnie was a monster dominating in all his matches, he stopped his first opponent with 10 seconds left on the clock, he crushed and smothered his 2nd opponent so much I was starting to feel sorry for the poor guy and he did pretty much the same in his 3rd match to win his weight category.

Lewis is an arsehole… No I’m joking, Lewis is young talented and very flexible with a guard that is a nightmare to pass where as I’m not!  His first match was against a clone of himself another very talented youngster that had won a NAGA(North American grappling association) event earlier in the year. These guys went at it! Fast flowing Jiu Jitsu that was a joy to watch. Unfortunately Lewis got caught in a triangle but what a great match to watch. His second fight went a lot smoother with Lewis taking a high guard, going for a triangle with both arms in and got the arm bar. 

After Lewis had his match it was time for me get ready for my match against Jimmy. Jimmy is a braw lad, really friendly but a warrior on the mat. Both of us were very evenly matched with both of us getting swipes and submission attempts on each other. 

 At the end of the match Speedy(our instructor and referee) went over to to a few of the other brown/black belts to discuss the winner. I thought Jimmy had just edged it but when Speedy came back over he raised both our arms in the air for a draw. 

After Jimmy and my match the heavier purples went at it with Dr. Fahad(yes he can break you and then fix you), Hubert the Polish wrecking machine and my partner in crime 

  Baz the lazy grappler. I didn’t see much of these fights as I was recovering from my battle but Hubert dominated and finished all his opponents in quick time. 

This time around we had a little treat as we had a brown/black belt division. Tyrone, Dom, Scuba and of course Speedy. 3 Browns and a black respectively.

Tyrone vs Dom was good to watch with plenty of action both ways that went the distance and ended in a draw. 

Scuba vs Speedy… What can I say… See for yourselves 

  The master does it again!!

Once all the matches were finish it was onto the gradings. The Scottish guys did really well with Aaron Hall receiving his first 2 stripes. 

Ronnie got 2 stripes to take him to 3. 

Paul received his 3rd stripe. 

JFK received his 4th and later his blue belt. 

Scott received his 1st stripe on his blue belt. 

Euan received his 3rd stripe on his blue. 

Baz got his 2nd stripe on his purple. 

And I received my 1st stripe. 

There were a loads more stripes and belts handed out for the Darlington and Newcastle members too but the biggest was to Dom. Dom is head of the Darlington crew and has helped create some monsters along the years and Speedy deemed him worthy of giving him his black belt! This is only the second black belt that Speedy has given in his 6&1/2 years of being a black belt himself. This was a great honour to witness as Dom is one of the nicest guys you’d ever meet even if he does wear Crocs and does a shit Scottish impersonation  but he is a very worthy black belt.

There wear a couple of other awards handed out. The first was for the most improved which went to Paul Cowan aka The Big Show aka Dr. Hot Love, then it was for most consistent which went to Nathan and lastly fight of the day and that honour went to Jimmy and I! Pretty shocked at that tbh but I was well chuffed. 

The Origin Jiu Jitsu team gathering as always was a great success and I can’t wait to see those crazy fuckers again! 


As always…

Love and Respect


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