Jiu Jitsu Cake 

Yesterday I had a road trip to Newcastle to train with my jiu jitsu instructor 2nd degree black belt Dave ‘Speedy’ Elliott. Joining me on the road were Baz, Euan & Paul or as Speedy calls us ‘The Die Hards’. Baz and I started off at 8am driving to a little village to pick up Euan then off to the Fair city to pick up Paul. For the next three hours the journey down was filled with the usual banter,  setting the world to rights and piss breaks.

When we arrived at Speedy’s we were welcome with open arms as always and it didn’t take long before others started to arrive, Scuba and Tyrone(Speedy’s son) were first, both new brown belts with Scuba only being purple belt for a year and Tyrone training since the age of 4. Then came Dom a brown belt who has trained with Speedy for around 13/14 years and his student Lee a white belt that won’t be white for much longer in my opinion. Last to arrive was Dr. Fahad a very good purple belt and one of the nicest guys you’d every meet.

Speedy asked us what we wanted to go over as we were the guest and as usual we were all backwards at going forwards and then Baz waxed lyrical with ‘LEG LOCKS!’ 

Everybody groaned! But Speedy is a leg lock magician so if you’re gonna learn them then you might as well do it from the best!

I’m not going to get into the finer details of each ankle lock or knee bar the we did but all I’ll say is they were all horrendous and today my legs are in tatters, my ankles are all stiff and my knee is a tad crunchy!

After drilling we rolled, I set a timer for 6 minutes, slapped hands and bumped knuckles with Dom and then we danced the jiu jitsu tango. Dom caught me in a few submissions and I think I was lucky enough to sweep him at one point, this was the longest 6 minutes every! Probably because some dumbass(me) forgot to press start on the timer!

Up next was Tyrone, a lot of this was played out in 50/50 guard, I hate 50/50 most likely because I don’t know what to do but I tried my best we scrambled and I ended up in Tyrone’s spider guard and then all of a sudden from laying on his back Tyrone magical levitated and flew towards me(I think he might be one of those mutants that Profferssor X has at his mansion) triangling me from know where.

Up next was the master…. Speedy. He was nice too nice! He let me pass his guard, take his back, get the hooks in and grab his lapel and all I can think of was… 

 But Speedy was nice and I rolled like an upside down turtle for the rest of the time not knowing what to do. I don’t know why but I tend to freeze up when rolling with him, need to relax more I think.

My last roll was with Fahad, Now Fahad is one of the most chilled out guys I know and his rolling style is the same, very chilled and technical. There was a couple of times we could of had each other but we never.

After rolling we had the obligatory team photo 

 back row : Baz, Euan, Paul, Fahad and Lee. Front row : Scuba, me, Speedy, Tyrone, Dom and little Zuko.

After all was said and done Speedy’s with had made us a chicken sandwich and a piece of cake with chocolate, cream and jam with a thick layer of chocolate on top each was amazing after a hard training session. 

The journey home was full of hilarity and karaoke with Baz being the DJ and Paul and I(aka The Backseat Boys) belting out some classics for about a hour. The backseat Boys will be available for bookings early 2016(only kidding).

It was great to catch up with my jiu jitsu brethren and can’t wait to see them all again. Thanks to Speedy and Ritu for their hospitality and an amazing cake!

Love and Respect