Being injured sucks!

  Don’t you hate being injured?!

Since I was promoted in May it seems to be one injury after the other. The first was about 4 weeks ago when I was rolling and never taped my toes up, smashed my wee(Scots for little) toe on the mats and broke it. Not a major problem, yeah it hurt at the time but I tape it up and be more careful whilst training for the next few weeks. 

2 weeks pass and I’m training, all is good I’ve taped up my wee toe and what happens CRACK I break my other wee toe that I never taped up!!! What a dumbass! Same rules apply tape it up and carry on training but be super careful for the next few weeks. 

 Now fast forward a couple of weeks and I’ve done my back in, I’ve had back problems for years but I have learned to train around it and has seemed to have worked for the past year or so but I woke up on Monday past and it has gone.  Went to the doctors for some pain management and be sent for a X-ray to check for arthritis.

All these injuries have great timing as I’m supposed to be competing in 4 weeks which doesn’t given me a lot of time to recover and get fighting fit. Hopefully with 7 days off I’ll be ready to start back and get some major sparring in before the comp on the 11th July.


Be careful out there 



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