Marc Walder Seminar

The past weekend I had the pleasure of Marc Walder staying over. Marc is one of three Britons to be the first Brazilian jiu jitsu black belts and is now a 3rd degree black belt..

Marc arrived on Friday evening we got back to mine, talked about jiu jitsu, had some food, talked about politics and agree that Cameron is a dick! World put to rights it was time for some shut eye as we had a busy day ahead of us.

Up early on Saturday, feed and watered and talked more jiu jitsu it was time to go train. We got to the club and the MMA fight team were in full swing as one of the guys has his debut the following week. Marc and I got changed into our no gi apparel and I got a private lesson going over some half guard and deep half guard escapes then we rolled for thirty minutes. As you can imagine rolling with a guy of Marc’s experience was really tough but we ‘kept it playful’  and had a good laugh. 

Seminar began and we had a great mix of adults and kids, male and female and a mixture of white, blue and purple belts. Marc started with a take down leading into a guard pass. From there it was foot locks and sweeps galore which fell into a nice circle and back to the guard pass from the start as if it was all planned. I especially liked the shin to shin guard techniques and will work them into my game. I was partnered with Frankie who is a tough blue belt, I think we drilled every move about a hundred times each and I was flagging near the end but it was worth it. A great seminar with good people and awesome banter with new nicknames of ‘Nasty Cat’ ‘Fat Cockroach’ and ‘Red Fox’ being thrown about.

At the end of the seminar it was time for some belt promotions and it was my pleasure under the guidance of Marc to promote them. First up was Kool(Frankies son). Kool was a bit of a tear away to start with but had taken some time off from training and his dad left him to come back of his on accord and I’m glad he has, he matured a lot and has been diligent with his train and a well deserved recipient of his grey belt. 

  Next two were Casey and Darren, both of them are there every week rain, hale, sleet or snow and have came on leaps and bounds and received their grey with black stripe.  


 Last up was a special one, Becky(Casey’s big sister) has been injured for quite a while with an achillies problem but she still came along in her gi and sat taking notes for three hours! How many kids do you know has that kind of commitment? Not many that’s for sure so it was a great to see her face as I called her name out as she had no idea of the promotion and I think her dad Euan the Fat Cockroach was just as surprised. 

Afterwards Marc, Sharon(my fiancé), Louise(future sister in-law) and I went out for food and then went for a drive over to St Andrews to show Marc some of the sights.

The next day Marc went home and left me thinking as always about jiu jitsu,  body, mind and spirit.

I can’t wait for Marc’s next visit and hopefully it won’t be too long before we meet again.
Thanks to Marc for travelling up from London and his words of wisdom, he truly is an inspiration. Sharon for letting Marc stay in our home. Louise for driving us about and everyone who attended the seminar.

  Nasty Cat, Fat Cockroach, Marc Walder and I the Red Fox.

To evolve with tradition and benevolence.


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