Your journey is YOUR journey

No matter who you are, where your from, when it comes to promotions in Jiu Jitsu(or any martial art for that matter) whether it’s a stripe or a belt you are gonna get negativity thrown your way. ‘They got what’ ‘they’re shit’ ‘I tap them out all the time and I’m only X or Y grade’ ‘they never train’ blah blah blah. 

Who cares!!

People don’t know other people’s journey, the trials and tribulations, the injuries, family, work and personal matters that they go through on a daily basis in their journey so who are they to judge… Nobody that is who! 


The only opinions that matters is your instructor and if they feel fit enough to grade you whatever grade then that’s that except that that person has received such grade and be happy for a team mate and what should be a friend. 

Everybody has a journey and everyone’s journey is different, just enjoy yours for what it is and appreciate others sharing theirs and crossing paths along the way. 

“There are always times in your jiu Jitsu journey when you will lose focus, direction or become disillusioned. It is a natural part of the process and for those who are willing to stick with it, the reward is well worth the struggle. It will be challenging and frustrating but becoming a black belt is as much about the emotional and spiritual journey as it is the physical one”

Marc Walder

Love & Respect


7 thoughts on “Your journey is YOUR journey”

  1. Life is full of haters and negative people but if people are hating on you means your doing something with your life.

    When people are talking about how other people don’t deserve something or don’t work hard enough ect there telling you their story not yours.

    People get to a destination at all different time in all different ways that however is unimportant it’s what you learnt and experienced from the journey.

    If people took all that negative energy and put it in a positive direction where could they end up now that is a serious question to want an answer to.

    Sorry wee rant over lol.

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