I’m back!

Last night I returned to the mats after a 3 week hiatus caused by work, family and a silly injury that really pissed me off as it was my own doing but hey who cares!

 Last nights class started with the usual lining up in rank, a little talk and straight into a warm up largely based on getting your shoulders nice and loose.

The class was based on Kimura escapes as one of the guys got caught here whilst competing at the weekend. You are in top side control and the person on bottom tries to kimura you. The person on top being kimura’d tripods up and applies shoulder pressure shuffles round the head to take the arm bar(not going into every little detail). I was partnered with Baz and we drilled this to the max, doing it on both arms and swapping. We must have done around 50 reps each and I loved it!

After drilling we sparred… My goal was not to be tapped… I succeeded HUZZAH! 

My first roll was with Baz and it was a tough back and forth encounter like it always is, I tried a footlock near the end but it was the worst achillies attempt ever! Then came Kev, he’s a big strong guy 100kg roughly and I felt it Oh yes I felt every ounce of it when he came crashing down on top of me. After Kev there was Frankie, 40 plus years of age and solid, made of granite I think with the base of a god, I defended a lot in this spar, I think I may have swept him at one point which felt like I’d won the adcc but afterwards I was trying to defend a variation of a baseball choke for quite some time, thankfully the timer went before he could finish. Wee Darren was next, he’s a great kid 13 or 14 I think and small but he is game and tried his damnedest! Then came the battle of the chokes with Billy, starting of with me trying to pass his guard and failing then Billy in mine with him going for an Ezekiel choke as he did this I scissor swept him and went for a cross choke of my own but failed.   

I really enjoyed last night class and can’t wait for the next 😃

Today is a different story I’ve awoken to what I can only presume to be the aftermath of a train wreck! My body is in bits with bruises, Gi burns and fingers like arthritic twiglets!

Good I love Jiu-Jitsu

Love and Respect