Training once again has gone stagnant. 

I enjoy all aspects of training, the warm up drills, drilling techniques over and over, sparring is great! So why do I feel my training has gone stagnant?

Most likely that my mind is on other things. Probably because I’m only managing to train once a week at the moment. I despise the phrase emensly but ‘LIFE GETS IN THE WAY’. This doesn’t help when the club I train at only has one official GI class per week, it has another but this is on a day I can’t make for whatever reason. It does have no gi classes but the thought of being neck cranked, calf crushed or some other silly move being applied does not appeal to me. One instructor teaches all the nasty shit, he likes that stuff and so do some of the students… I don’t get it.

I also just cancelled my gym membership which means no more trying to pick up heavy objects. Maybe I was a tad hasty at cancelling this but they annoyed me so screw you national gym chain!

Haven’t been to yoga for a couple of months either and I really love this, it’s a great way to switch off from everything and recharge the old batteries for a couple of ours. This is something I shall have to remedy toot sweet!

Running, I for some reason enjoy running, I have dodgy knees and a bad back but running is fun and with spring on our doorstep I shall be a lot more of this and who knows might even enter another fun run.

I do however have a few things happening that I’m really excited about. 

1st is my teams Interclub/Grading at the beginning of May. I really like this 10 minute rounds, submission only with knee are and toeholds included for all belts. I did well at the last one and hope to do so again at this one. 

2nd my head instructor Marc Walder a 3rd degree black belt under Mauricio Gones will be staying with me for the weekend and hosting a seminar at the end of May. 

3rd and most important is my wedding day on the 9th of October, my fiancé and I have been together for over 12 years and have 3 boys, 2 dogs to show for it and in a few months I’ll also have a wife too. I honestly can’t wait for this day to come along. 

With the first 2 happening pretty soon I’ll be turning my training up a notch to prepare and then I’ll need to get that bikini body I time for the big day!!

Hopefully with these 3 things happening this year it will help the stagnicity dissipate and get back on track.

Love and Respect


Men and Their Partners Who Don’t Let Them Train With Women….What?

Great little article. I don’t get this mentality either, I roll with females all the time, doesn’t bother me or my fiancé.

A Skirt on the Mat

One female jiu jitsu player recently shared her experience on Planet BJJ, about how a man refused to roll with her because the man’s wife “wouldn’t let him” roll with a female….


Er, what?

I legitimately do not understand this mentality- which admittedly even though I was in a relationship with a fellow grappler/jiu jitsuka/whatever, I’m also involved in the sport so I’m coming at this from a totally different perspective. I was never jealous of him rolling with another female because I knew how I behaved with other guys, and understood what happened in class and on the mats.

I would really like to sit down with one (or a couple) of these women and try to understand their concerns which leads them to push this edict on their partners. Is it lack of communication? An expectation as to how each grappler will react while rolling with one another…

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