Polaris Professional Jiu-Jitsu Invitational.

I can’t wait for this event, sure to be a cracker and one to rival Metamoris.

The Exploits of a Lazy Grappler.

Today is a special day. With every iteration of these new fangled submission only events, the lineup becomes more incredible. Today is no different with Polaris.

For a while now, I’ve been getting these little stickers through with anything I’ve bought from Scramble. I looked at them, and sort of dismissed the significance of their snazziness. One day I decided to google it, and I was pretty god damn surprised by what it was. So I signed up for the Pay-Per-View at the ripe old cost of £10 (now £15 I believe), a bargain in my books.

Here’s the lineup direct from the Facebook page:

Order of events

Shows starts 6.30 UK time (approx)

Darragh O Connaill vs Max Campos (gi)
Kit Dale vs Victor Silverio (gi)
Michelle Nicolini vs Angelica Galvao (gi)
AJ Agazarm vs Oli Geddes (no gi)

Interval – 30 mins.
Special presentation from BJJ Hacks


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