I’ve had my fair share of injuries since I started jiu jitsu in 2010.

The most serious injury being a strain on my MCL of my left knee which took 6 months to recover from. I’ve had many other injuries along the way with a popped floating rib, my reoccurring bad back where I have 2 bulging discs at L4/L5 and sciatica, a shoulder injury(rotator cuff) that I still get problems with and tendonitis in my right elbow where I received a cortisone injection early last year to try and help… it has now wore off and now back to its annoying self again… maybe resting it would help but I love jiu jitsu to much to miss a few classes for a silly thing like that!!

Now my latest not injury but more of a set back is that I am going in for a minor operation on Monday which would only be a couple of days of rest BUT 3 days before I go under the knife I come down with viral flu and a fucken chest infection!!!

Now a man having a common cold can be fatal in some cases as we all know but multiply this by a gazillion and this is how I feel! I’ve even had to trim my beard as all this snot, mucus and drool is just not a pretty sight.

I would much rather have a proper injury rather than this mess 😦

Love & respect


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