Lineage is important… Right?!

Lineage is important right?
I mean you hear so many stories of McDojos popping up all over the place and people buying grades so picking the right place to train can be a tad daunting for some folk.

I started training in Jiu Jitsu in 2010, previously I had dabbled in no gi submission wrestling but in 2010 I had the pleasure of attending 3 seminars.

I’ll start with the second seminar, this was with none other than Robert Drysdale who received his black belt in 2005, won various world championships and one of the few guys to beat Marcelo Garcia!
Robert is a cool guy, very approachable and showed some great techniques including a super tight triangle and a few moves from butterfly guard.

Now on to the first one. This was held in Inverness in which a newly promoted black belt(2009) Dave ‘Speedy’ Elliott was teaching a mixture of striking and grappling techniques. Speedy is a bit of a leg lock magician and seeing some of these blew my mind. I had never experienced leg locks before and to be shown rolling toe holds, Achilles and heel hooks scared the shit out of me… In a good way!
After his seminar a got his phone number to arrange another seminar this time at my own club and it was an instant hit, everyone loved it and for myself it sparked something… I wanted to learn Jiu Jitsu and that’s what I did.

I bought my first BJJ gi(a tatami gold weave) and started training with a team mate who was already a blue belt. Slowly a few others bought gis and in October that year 3 of us drove three and a half hours down to Newcastle for our first proper Jiu Jitsu lesson. It is fair to say I got my arse kicked for 2 hours that day but I loved every second and at the end of it Speedy put 2 stripes on my white belt and from there on in Speedy has been my instructor, mentor and friend.

Back to lineage.

Speedy received his black belt from Marc Walder(along with 2 others Jude Samuel and Rick Young) was the first BJJ black belt in the UK. In attendance that day was Marc’s instructor Mestre Mauricio Gomes(Roger Gracie’s father).

You could say I’m coming from a really good Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lineage and something I am very proud of,
hopefully I can represent them in the best way I can.

Mitsuyo “Count Koma” Maeda –
Carlos Gracie, Sr. –
Helio Gracie –
Rolls Gracie –
Mauricio Motta Gomes –
Marc Walder –
Dave ‘Speedy’ Elliott –

Speedy and I the day I received my blue belt.

Marc Walder



I’ve had my fair share of injuries since I started jiu jitsu in 2010.

The most serious injury being a strain on my MCL of my left knee which took 6 months to recover from. I’ve had many other injuries along the way with a popped floating rib, my reoccurring bad back where I have 2 bulging discs at L4/L5 and sciatica, a shoulder injury(rotator cuff) that I still get problems with and tendonitis in my right elbow where I received a cortisone injection early last year to try and help… it has now wore off and now back to its annoying self again… maybe resting it would help but I love jiu jitsu to much to miss a few classes for a silly thing like that!!

Now my latest not injury but more of a set back is that I am going in for a minor operation on Monday which would only be a couple of days of rest BUT 3 days before I go under the knife I come down with viral flu and a fucken chest infection!!!

Now a man having a common cold can be fatal in some cases as we all know but multiply this by a gazillion and this is how I feel! I’ve even had to trim my beard as all this snot, mucus and drool is just not a pretty sight.

I would much rather have a proper injury rather than this mess 😦

Love & respect

Polaris Professional Jiu-Jitsu Invitational.

I can’t wait for this event, sure to be a cracker and one to rival Metamoris.

The Exploits of a Lazy Grappler.

Today is a special day. With every iteration of these new fangled submission only events, the lineup becomes more incredible. Today is no different with Polaris.

For a while now, I’ve been getting these little stickers through with anything I’ve bought from Scramble. I looked at them, and sort of dismissed the significance of their snazziness. One day I decided to google it, and I was pretty god damn surprised by what it was. So I signed up for the Pay-Per-View at the ripe old cost of £10 (now £15 I believe), a bargain in my books.

Here’s the lineup direct from the Facebook page:

Order of events

Shows starts 6.30 UK time (approx)

Darragh O Connaill vs Max Campos (gi)
Kit Dale vs Victor Silverio (gi)
Michelle Nicolini vs Angelica Galvao (gi)
AJ Agazarm vs Oli Geddes (no gi)

Interval – 30 mins.
Special presentation from BJJ Hacks


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2014 My Jiu Jitsu journey

2014 has been a strange year for me in my jiu Jitsu journey full of ups and downs.

It all started in the usually way, training was good… well by good I mean it was ok, coaching and training twice a week, every Wednesday and Sunday in the Gi with some Monday & Friday sessions thrown in randomly but I put those on hold as I was also training for a fun run.

The fun run was in March and had a distance of 8miles(13.1km), a lovely jaunt through the streets of Edinburgh finishing off at the home of Scottish rugby which is Murrayfield stadium. I completed my run in 1:05:04 which I was really impressed with and I also raised a few £’s for the National Autistic Society.


Now because I put BJJ on the back burner for a few months I found it really hard to get back into it and found myself in the dreaded Jiu Jitsu funk, a nasty place to be in not knowing what to do in training and my head not being in the right frame of mind, kinda like being in limbo. It was now that my instructor(Dave ‘Speedy’ Elliott) announced the biannual grading was coming up in May and the format on this day would be an interclub submission only competition with rounds lasting 10 minutes.
This I thought was just the thing I needed to get me out the funk… I was wrong! I went there and under performed coming 3rd, I received my 3rd stripe on my blue belt that day. Speedy spoke to me afterwards and told me to be more aggressive, I took this the wrong way and felt like I was being told off instead of getting advice which put me even deeper into my funk.

A couple of months past and in June I had a visit from my head instructor Marc Walder, now Marc is one of the nicest people you can ever meet and being the 1st British BJJ black belt he has a wealth of knowledge on the mats.
A 2 day seminar with this guy certainly helped a lot with my BJJ demons, his philosophies are 2nd to none but I still wasn’t the happiest with my game so I took some of his advice and started going to yoga.

That’s me in the yellow t-shirt and the ‘Californian Sunrise’ hair.

Now yoga certainly helped me clear my mind and help me focus on my jiu jitsu. I realised I had to give up coaching at the club I was at and concentrate on my game, my goals. So that is what I did!

The next grading was now in October, I had 7 weeks to prepare for this. Same rules as before but this time I made sure I was ready for it with yoga once a week, private training session twice a week consisting of horrendous HIIT workouts and BJJ twice a week.
I went down to Newcastle with fire in my heart determined to perform better than I did before and perform I did, submitting both opponents in my weight class to win my category with a cross choke and kimura. I then entered the absolute division in which I lost the deduction to a much larger stronger opponent who went on to receive his purple belt.

I lost but I was smiling!

I received my 4th stripe on my blue belt that day but much more than that I was out of my dreaded BJJ funk!!!

2015 is going to be a great year!
Happy New Year folks, I hope it brings you joy and happiness.

Love & respect